Thursday, August 11, 2011


Wow! Where do I start?  
In January I had my left knee replaced, so now both of them are done.  The left knee healed so wonderfully.  The right knee is still giving me some issues even almost 15 months after having had it replaced.  There's still stiffness as well, but it's not so bad as long as I keep as active as I can.  I started out the spring very well by getting out and walking regularly either at the local Walmart or at the park.  But then it got hotter, and my opportunities to walk dwindled for awhile.  Then I ended up with another sprained ankle thanks to my weak ankles I've had since childhood.  This summer has been so hot so early on, and I don't do well in heat.  It's hard for me to breath when the air is so hot and humid.  So even if my ankle had not been sprained and kept me from going out, the heat would have.
My daughter surprised me the other evening.  She planned a vacation on a whim and decided to take me along!  I've been so excited about this for the past few days!  I so need a vacation.  And I've never really gone on a vacation in my life so this is especially exciting.  My ankle is healing, storms have moved in and cooled things down to a more comfortable level, and I am ready to go.  I can't wait to get out into the beautiful area where we are going with a gorgeous lake front cottage and enjoy every minute I can.
But I am afraid.  Unfortunately, I know my limits.  And I know this vacation is going to push those limits to the max.  It's only for Monday through Friday but that's a lot of time for someone who never goes anywhere!  I don't want to disappoint anyone, least of all my daughter or my grandson.  She has also invited her mother-in-law and I am glad of this because it will give her someone to do things with if there are times I am too tired.
So many things make this vacation something that has me nervous.  One of them is that I don't sleep well.  I am a night owl and up most of the night every night, even when I take a sleeping pill.  I know the increase in activities will make me sleepy and I am hoping I won't have too much trouble sleeping even the first night.  The first full day there is going to be jam packed with things we all want to do...island hopping cruising.  I can't wait!  I want to see everything.  We are taking my wheelchair but probably won't need it for this expedition as we will probably rent golf carts to wheel us around each island.  It's an expensive thing but necessary.  It's either that or bicycles.  My camera is going with me everywhere.  In fact I will be taking two cameras, one that actually still uses film!  On another day we are going to see an African safari exhibition and that is going to be so interesting.  That one might see me using the wheelchair.  I want to at least try to go swimming there at the cottage but am not sure I will be able to.  It's not a regular beach.  Swimming is allowed but no lifeguards and no beach.  I am not sure how the sand bar will be for my being able to get up and down from sitting or swimming positions with my new knees.  I haven't been able to get down on the floor and back up with them yet.  So thinking about it worries me.  Fishing doesn't seem to be one of my worries.  I think I will manage to fish somewhere while we are there, and I've been told I have to be sure to teach my grandson more about fishing so we can feed all of us.  He loves to fish so this should not be a problem.  That is as long as we don't catch anything bigger than he is! 
My daughter is talking about not really going out and doing a whole lot of things because none of us really has money for shopping and other things.  Staying back at the cottage sounds peaceful and with her grilling our meals, what could be better?  Still I am afraid.  I am afraid I will let her down.  I am afraid of being a stick in the mud that ends up staying back while they go have fun because I am too worn out to do anything but relax at the cottage.  For me that could be a good time.  But would it be a good time for my daughter?  I can be satisfied just having my wheelchair with me and walk it or ride it around the cottage area and maybe over to the lake and just take lots of pictures.  
Hey!  Writing about it made me see that it can still be fun for all of us.  Somehow we will figure out the difficult parts and make it work.  Oh I am so excited!  Thank you my daughter for this gift!  I love you!

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